Teavana Strawberry Grapefruit Xue Long Green Tea Review

Teavana Strawberry Grapefruit Xue Long Green Tea Review

Well, this is a mouthful and a half! I’ve been a fan of Teavana since the winter I first moved here to Jacksonville (about three years ago?) and they were handing out samples at the mall. A.) Giving me tea is a path straight to my heart and B.) if you’ve never had their tea, let me tell you that it is exceptional.

Teavana 1

Not to mention plum gorgeous.

Teavana 2

The strawberry and grapefruit flavors almost eliminate the taste of the green tea leaves in this particular blend, it’s so fruity. It’s really pleasant and fresh, though. I typically like to be able to have a stronger tea taste, but I really don’t care here. From the bright, citrusy smell, to the always surprising color of the tea when I pour it into my cup (I’m really not expecting it to be pink), to the light and happy flavors that match the scent. I love everything about this blend.

Loose Leaf Teavana

And remember the grapefruit and the strawberry? Just take a look at that. There is a reason that Teavana tea’s taste so amazing. They don’t skimp on what goes in their blends.

Teavana 4

Teavana is a tad bit pricey, but they deliver quality that is worth the price.

Interested in buying? You can purchase Teavana’s Strawberry Grapefruit Xue Long Green Tea on Amazon for $9.98.

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6 Ways to Look Fresh for Class

look fresh for class

It’s that dreaded time of the semester where we have successfully made it to the halfway mark of our classes, but the energy to continue is depleting fast. Instead of sleeping in an extra five *cough*twenty*cough* minutes, here are six things that you could be doing instead, to avoid looking like something the cat drug in.

1.) Lay out clothes the night before

Let’s face it ladies (or gents, if this website is lucky enough to receive the attention from any of you), when you get up in the morning you aren’t going to want to take the time to sift through the closet and coordinate an outfit. Rather than just throwing something on and finding out that you look a bit like a slob later on in the day, decide what you are wearing the night before. Not only will it save you some time, you will look much more put together for class.

And doesn’t looking put together make you look fresh and dandy?

2.) Set the alarm

Just do it. I know you don’t want to, but you know you should.

3.) Coffee

Or some form of caffeine or energy booster. If you need to wake up in a short amount of time, coffee is a great way to start the process. I’m not saying that you have to drink much, just enough to wake you up. Personally, coffee is my lifesaver. . .

4.) Water

As coffee is a bit of a dehydrator, it is probably never a bad idea to drink some water with it. Besides, drinking a nice glass of cold water or splashing some of it on your face are two ways to wake up and feel refreshed.

5.) Makeup essentials

If you don’t have the time to do the full makeup routine, at least go for the essentials. What I mean by this is to target your problem areas. Personally, my eyes show how tired I am the most. My glasses tend to cover up my bags a bit, but my eyes themselves could use some work. No matter what I’m doing, eye makeup is my absolute must.

After all, there is nothing like a little bit of eye liner to make the eyes appear a bit larger and more alert!

6.) Study

Studying on the walk from the car to the classroom is one surefire way to get you into the thinking process and set you one step ahead of some of your other classmates who are still waking up and are far from thinking about their first class subject. You enter the class more prepared and focused than you would have otherwise.

It may just be me, but I definitely feel more awake after I’ve started working. Why not start working before entering the class if you want to look fresh and alert?

What do you do to look fresh before class? Let me know in the comments below!

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How I Respond to Sponsored Posts

How I Respond To Sponsored Posts

WARNING: Huge blocks of text ahead as I ramble about feelings

I recently got another sponsored post request which basically spawned this entire post because of my reaction to it. When it comes to blogging, most of my reactions come out via text to my no-longer-a-blogger blogger friend and so she and I sat around talking about sponsored posts for awhile because I apparently had nothing better to do.

To be honest, only entering the world of fashion blogging six months ago, how sponsored posts work in this area of the blogosphere vs. the book blogging area still confuses me. On one hand is the group of people who are all like, “Bloggers should totally be paid to work with other companies. There’s nothing wrong with that at all.” But on the other hand you have that other group of people that sit there calling you a sell-out if you accept sponsored posts.

This confused me for awhile because, to be honest, the idea of any company wanting to work with me and actually pay me is jaw dropping because in the book blogging world you just get free books sometimes (which, for literary nerds like me, is pretty awesome). I wouldn’t say this makes me jump on every opportunity, though.

I mean, let’s face it. I’m not sponsoring a menswear line when I obviously don’t write about men’s fashion. Sorry. I’m flattered, but I’m going to sit here and scoff for the rest of my life because it’s so obvious you haven’t done your research on what I write or who my audience is (which would only be a downfall to the both of us were I to write that sponsored post).

But then every now and then I actually get an opportunity that I really like and get paid for somehow (whether it’s in a product or real, hard cash)?

To be honest, I sit there and fangirl a bit.

And I’m not writing this to say that sponsored posts are right or wrong. I think some are right and some are wrong and that it’s a bit of a gray area in blogging that you have to decide the answer for yourself. For myself? If I like what I’m promoting, I don’t see the problem in writing a sponsored post. This may not be the same for other people.

For me, I’m just excited that people actually like Style Me Gone enough for companies to actually approach me. While I don’t want to write just sponsored posts (I would call myself a sell-out then), I am very flattered when I am asked and I suppose that I need to thank all of you for that.

What do you consider a sell-out? How do you feel about sponsored posts? Let me know in the comments below!

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Day of the Tiger by Yumi And The System

Yumi And The System

Artist: Yumi And The Stystem
Single: Day of the Tiger
Genre: Rock
Record Producer: Lincoln Parish

As a big fan of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, I was very excited when Yumi And The System asked if I would review their single, Day of the Tiger. They have a sound that strikes me as very similar to the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s, though Amy’s voice is a bit deeper than Karen’s (Yeah Yeah Yeahs). It adds a dry, dramatic depth to the music.

My Opinion

I’m completely pumped for the release of their new album, Wonders of Origin, which comes out today, (Sept. 9, 2014). While I obviously have not yet heard the full length album, I hope to spend some time listening to it and reviewing it in the not-too-far future.

Day of the Tiger is a very punk rock tune with the perfect amount of dry angst and drama. As I said previously, they have a sound that is very similar to the sound of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. If that style of punk is up your alley, Day of the Tiger is worth checking out.

And the album art for Wonders of Origin? I love lengthy exposure profiles. While I think that the album art for the single (which I struggled to find a downloadable copy of) had a much more punk look to it, I have to say that I find this album art very attractive and dreamy.

Favorite Lyric

Day of the Tiger

It was really hard to pick a favorite lyric from this song, but I had to settle on this in the end. Especially as it showcases just a bit of the angsty, punk sound that they have.

Want to check out this amazing band? You can find Yumi And The System on YouTube and/or buy Wonders of Origin on iTunes for $9.90.

What have you been listening to lately? Have you heard of Yumi And The System? Let me know in the comments below!

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Tale of the Robin by Martha’s Man Review

Martha's Man Tale of the Robin Review

Artist: Martha’s Man
Album: Tale of the Robin
Genre: Indie Acoustic-Pop

I’ll be completely upfront with you. I was asked by Martha’s Man to review this album honestly in return for receiving a digital copy of the music. It’s not the first time I’ve gotten offers to review music, but from the initial link I was sent to see if I would like their sound? Oh my goodness, I have been and stayed in love. It was an offer I could not turn down.

My Opinion

The band labels their genre as acoustic-pop, but if I were going to label it without having read that, I would call it more of a folksy pop. Some of their songs have even reminded me a bit of Of Monsters and Men’s sound. More instrumentally, that is.

All of the songs on Tale of the Robin are really catchy and I find myself singing along while playing the songs. While the first song I was sent the YouTube link to, Meccano Playground, was the one that made me fall in love with their sound, I have to say that my absolute favorite song on the album is Never Bring You Down. Everything from the instrumentals to the lyrics. I have to say that it is definitely the song I play the most and try to sing along with. I love all of the emotion and depth in vocals found in the song.

Each and every song on this album is a pick-me-up with a happy sound and encouraging lyrics. While many are love songs, others are just about being strong and standing on your own two feet–something I really like in music. It’s a bit different than the norm and I’m happy to start seeing it be done by many artists.

And that album art. . . I really like it. I’ve started to notice that I have a thing for tastefully done album art that doesn’t include the album title (and sometimes not even the artist title). There’s just something edgy and off to it that makes it seem even more interesting. I love the deep, watery look of this image with the robin flying upwards at the top. It’s really eye catching and fits the genre so well.

Favorite Lyric

meccano playground lyrics martha's man

This line is from Meccano Playground, which, as I said before, is the first song I heard by Martha’s Man. While Never Bring You Down is my favorite of the songs on Tale of the Robin, I think that Meccano Playground has some of the most upbeat, encouraging, fun lyrics.

Interested in checking out Tale of the Robin? You can find Martha’s Man on YouTube and/or buy Tale of the Robin on Amazon for $8.99.

Who are you singing along with this week? Let me know in the comments below!

Disclaimer: While I received a free digital copy of this album in exchange for a review, all of the opinions stated in this post are my own and are in no way produced by the band/label.

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Why You Should Be A Picky Blogger

Why You Should Be A Picky Blogger

A lot has happened since I started Style Me Gone back in March. As some of you already know, I also blog over at Verbosity Book Reviews and have for nearly two years now. I thought that starting Style Me Gone would be a cinch. I had so much interaction on Verbosity. I knew what I liked to write on there and I usually knew how my audience would respond to it.

Basically, I knew what my “brand” was. Interesting words we use in the blogosphere, no?

But things were different when I started blogging here on Style Me Gone. I knew I wanted to blog about fashion and music. Later I included tea. But when I started out I felt like such a fake. I felt like I didn’t belong and that I was just writing a bunch of hullabaloo (then we have the interesting words that Kelsey uses) mush that I didn’t care about and no one else did either.

It’s taken me roughly six months, but I finally feel like I know what I’m doing and I know what my place is here in the world of fashion and music blogging. And I’ve really come to believe that to be a blogger, you have to be picky. Write about what you want. Don’t just copy everything else you see in your niche.

Be picky about what you write

Really, learn from my mistake. Write about what makes you happy. At the end of the day? It matters more that you love what you’re writing than what everyone else does. Once you find your place and what you want to do, the people who are genuinely interested in what you’re writing will come.

Don’t do it just because everyone else is

Remember that old saying, “Would you jump off of a cliff if your friends did?” Blogging is like that. Write for you. Not just what everyone else is doing. Sure, it may seem popular, but it definitely isn’t unique.

Personally, I kind of roll my eyes when I see the same exact posts everywhere. My favorite bloggers are the ones that I can distinguish from the other bloggers. Be yourself. I’ll remember your name. Some bloggers in the fashion world that really have stood out to me are Toshiko from It’s Not Her It’s Me, Haley from Tea Party Beauty and Corinne from Skinnedcartree. When I go on their blogs, I know that they’ve got what they want to blog about figured out. It shows and their content is some of the best I’ve seen since I started fashion blogging.

Don’t take every opportunity you get/see

It’s really tempting to. It’s really, really tempting to. Believe me. The idea that somebody actually might want to work with me or that I could send my information to a company that is looking for fashion bloggers is seriously tempting. And I’m not saying you should never take an opportunity. Just be picky about what you request or agree to. I mean, is it something you really want to do? Does it suit you? Would you even LIKE the product? Would you be happy promoting it?

Be yourself

It can be hard. But be real. Be you. It’s so much more fun to blog where you can be open and yourself. It can be a difficult start sometimes, but I feel so much better being me. I had a really hard time actually making myself post my first photoshoot BLOOPERS post, but when I actually started working on it? It made me really, really excited to share with everyone. I got such a laugh with my sisters looking through the failed photos, and I thought it would be fun to share.

It’s been one of my favorite posts yet.

All I can say? Be yourself. It’s actually made me want to blog again. I really struggled over the summer because being fake just lacked the enjoyment and excitement blogging had always given me before.

Have you ever struggled with not being yourself while blogging? How do you stay true to who you are? Let me know in the comments below, I’d love to hear!

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Black on Denim OOTD BLOOPERS

Black on Denim OOTD Bloopers

Truth be told, fashion bloggers (or at least I) don’t roll out of bed looking fabulous. Same goes when it comes to pictures. As I am not an expert at posing and my sisters have not yet mastered using my camera, there is a huge intake of fashion blogger fail during our photoshoots.

These shots are unedited (other than a watermark). Enter at own risk.

Black on Denim OOTD Bloopers 1

It started off relatively okay, but then my sisters started criticizing what I was doing. My lovely sister captured this annoyed look on my face.

Black on Denim OOTD Bloopers 2

Then they cut off my arm while laughing about how I looked “angry.”

Black on Denim Bloopers 3

To be honest, I’m not sure what happened here.

Black on Denim OOTD Bloopers 4

Never tell a joke needing full hands and body demonstration while a sibling is holding your camera.

Black on Denim OOTD Bloopers 5

And if you ever go for an air shot? Prepare to take many, many, many photos.

What are your fashion blogger (blogger part being optional) fails? Surely I cannot be alone. Let me know in the comments below!

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Resolutions for Fall Term 2014

resolutions fall term 2014

Now, I was supposed to write this post and upload it to the blog a week ago since last week my fall term started. However, due to many, many technical difficulties that came about in the first few days, pretty much nothing got planned or done for the blog as I was playing catch up on my work.

Lovely way to start the term, no?

However, I really wanted to write more of a personal post for this term to really hold myself to some things. So I wrote up a list of some things I’ve resolved to do during this semester.

Eat healthier

During the school year, I am the most rushed person alive. I will eat a sandwich for lunch and skip fruit/veggies just so I can get back to my work. I’ll drink nothing but tea all day because. . .well, caffeine. I really want to start eating a little healthier and drink more water than I normally do. Hold me to it, okay?

Keep up yoga

Exercise is another thing that I find I start slipping up on during each term. However, I need to get out from behind that desk a bit each day and really stretch. Yoga has been a great way for me to do this and I really want to keep it up.

Blog at least twice a week (on both blogs)

This is probably going to be the hardest thing I’m resolving to do on my list and it may take me a few weeks to work up into it. But I really want to put my free time and dedication back into blogging. I really love blogging and starting Style Me Gone this year has made it a little more difficult, but I love what I’m doing on each blog and want to keep this up and make it even better.

Start a YouTube channel

About a year ago I decided I wanted to start a YouTube channel to go along with the blogs, but it never happened because I was worried about being awful at it. But, let’s face it, I was awful at blogging before I kept at it! If anything, I would at least like to try YouTubing. If it doesn’t work, then it doesn’t and I’ll quit.

I’ve been preparing to do this for awhile (obviously) and I’m going to try to start this at some point this term.

Respond to emails faster

Because I’m a master at forgetting to respond to emails.

Learn the wondrous world of doing taxes

Believe it or not, my high school economics class never taught me anything about doing taxes. So I’ve made it a mission to set aside some time to actually learn how to do those this semester. Should be interesting.

What are your goals and resolutions for this semester? Let me know in the comments below!

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Skeleton by The Good Natured Review

Skeleton The Good Natured Review

Artist: The Good Natured
Album: Skeleton
Genre: Synthpop
Label: Regal Recordings and Parlophone

Haven’t heard of The Good Natured? There may be a reason. While this album is still under The Good Natured title, The Good Natured has changed their name to Lovestarrs. Same, awesome band all the same. However, Skeleton was the album that made me fall in love with their sound.

My Opinion

The Good Natured is amazing. I mean, I already have a thing for synthpop, but their lyrics really fit the genre. When I first heard Your Body Is A Machine (definitely my favorite on the album) I fell head over heels. Sarah McIntosh’s voice is so otherwordly and emotional as she drops each syllable.

While the entire album is great, Your Body Is A Machine is the song I keep going back to. But if I have to pick some other specifics, I would pick Wolves and The Hourglass. Wolves? Just that intro. . . While it’s seemingly simple, it really excites me and the first time I heard it I braced myself for the awesome that was sure to come. What can I say? Sometimes just the intro to a song is all you need to hear to know that you’re going to love it.

The album art is odd and kind of that strange, Tumblr-hipster kind of style. In a way it’s really fitting of the band and their enticing oddness. I mean, hello, she’s in a tub full of. . .milk?. . .fully clothed. Not to mention the whole punk look. But all of the clashing information is somewhat attractive in a way.

Favorite Lyric

your body is a machine the good natured lyrics

As is probably obvious, this is from Your Body Is a Machine. Favorite song gets the favorite lyric, no?

Interesting in checking out or buying this album? You can find The Good Natured on Youtube and/or buy Skeleton on Amazon for $5.99.

Have you ever heard of The Good Natured or Lovestarrs? What have you been listening to lately? Let me know in the comments below!

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Black on Denim OOTD

Black on Denim OOTD

Black is my all-time go to color. I love it and it’s so easy to throw together. Denim goes with it so perfectly, making it really versatile between casual and dressy-casual.

Black on Denim 1

Dressy casual was what I was going for this time. So with a pair of skinny jeans, my Jellypop heels, and one of my dressier black blouses, I threw this together and I was so terribly pleased with the results that I just had to show you.

See? I'm an expert at posing.

See? I’m an expert at posing.

Mixing two classic colors doesn’t look too bad, now, does it? Except maybe if you’re an expert at posing like me.

Black on Denim Shoes

I love my Jellypop heels so much with the denim skinny jeans. Because of the rounded toes, they almost look like flats, but they give me the extra height that I can always use (I’m 5’1″). I really like how the skinny jeans kind of just ruffled up around them.

Black On Denim Kneel 2

As for the outfit itself:
Blouse: BCBGMAXAZRIA (Similar and Similar – Long sleeve)
Pants: Abercrombie & Fitch (Similar)
Shoes: Jellypop

What’s your favorite way to dress up black and denim? Let me know in the comments below!

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