Listening To: Graffiti6, “Stone In My Heart”

Graffiti6 - Stone In My Heart Graphic

Artist: Graffiti6
Song: Stone In My Heart
Album: Colours
Genre: Alternative Rock

Today is one of those days that I need a happy song. Yesterday, my family and I rather just crashed in the afternoon and watched TV. For the record, never watch Downton Abbey unless you are in the mood to get angry at idiotic characters and/or cry. Stone In My Heart is the perfect song to listen to after dealing with the heartbreak of TV.

My Opinion:

Stone In My Heart has a good beat, is happy, and is a song full of confidence. Despite the fact that it’s about a girl who lost a love, it displays a positive message looks on the bright side of things and how it makes her stronger. If you’re into alternative rock mixed with slight bit of a techno sound, this is a fun song to get up and dance to. While it’s my favorite song by Graffiti6 and probably their most peppy song, they are a band to be keeping an eye on.

And, even if you aren’t suffering a love lost, it’s a good way of telling yourself to suck it up (I know, I have such a way with words) after you cry over a show.

Besides, check out the colors on that album art! While it was probably made more for their song Colours, I find it really fitting for Stone In My Heart. The teardrops are really interesting, though.

Favorite Lyric:

I’m not so sure that I have a specific favorite lyric here, but I think that this lyric is one that really sums up how this song shows the brighter side of an upsetting event.

Stone In My Heart Lyrics

More by Graffiti6:

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Watch the music video for Stone In My Heart on YouTube and you can buy Colours on Amazon for $7.99.

What do you listen to when TV breaks your heart? Feel free to tell me in the comments below!

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