Spring Skirts – Floral Print and Classic Blue

Spring Outfit Upright Mid

The sun was really bright. . .

Spring has sprung! To celebrate, I broke out my new daisy tanktop from Rue21 and my blue skirt. But even though it’s warmed up here in Florida, there is still a bit of a chill in the mornings that made me look a bit uncomfortable in all of my photos.

Spring Outfit Up Close

Either way, I’m terribly glad that the rain has past and we have clear, blue skies again. Well, if you ignore my newly found sunburn, that is. I went to the beach, so that one is definitely my fault. Even in March one should double check how much sunscreen they put on.

Spring Outfit Necklace

I was given this necklace as a Christmas gift and I’m not entirely sure what brand it is anymore, but I like the reds and blues in it. Not to mention the asymmetrical three beads hanging on the side provide some interest.

Spring Outfit Shoes

My shoes were also a gift that my sister picked out. Perhaps the duo of flowers was a bit overkill, but it’s spring. If you want to put some flowers in your hair, by all means, do so.

Spring Outfit Lessons

My sister’s photography is getting much better, but there is still a bit of confusion when I say to take photos at a different angle. I now have some lovely photos in which I’m standing diagonally on my computer. She decided to take a picture of me showing her how to hold the camera.

As for the outfit itself:
Tank top: Rue21 (similar)
Under tank: Mudd (similar)
Skirt: Xhilaration (similar)
Shoes: Two Lips (can’t find the exact model online)

What are you wearing this spring? Is it warm where you are yet?

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10 Responses to Spring Skirts – Floral Print and Classic Blue

  1. Cheeni says:

    Enjoyed it! xoxo

  2. Kokoba says:

    Love that necklace!

  3. carley be says:

    really love this skirt! very versatile

  4. I love the skirt, the coclor is an awesome color. my favorite!

  5. Rebekka says:

    I really liked the skirt! 🙂 You are pretty 🙂

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