9 Confidence Tips to Help You Succeed

9 Confidence Tips to Help You Succeed

It’s so easy to curl up with cowardice in this life. Stress chokes our strong points, people tell us what we should do, and the world around us clouds and fogs our head. In this apocalyptic age lacking zombies, it is just so much easier to hide under a computer desk than to step out on the runway of life with a model’s confidence.

So how do you get this confidence to take on life? Here are 9 little tips that can go far.

1.) Think about what you want/dream.

It’s hard to be confident if you don’t know what you want. To get out there, you have to have a mission. If you’re at point A, where is point Z? What will you regret not doing twenty years from now?

2.) Write it down.

Get a good look at it. Put it in a list, a step by step how to guide, or just whatever puts it in front of your face. Get acquainted with it. Get comfortable with it.

3.) Positive affirmations.

Be nice to yourself. You won’t have much confidence if you belittle yourself into thinking that you can’t. Tell yourself all the reasons why you can. Give yourself a pat on the back and let yourself know all the good things about you.

Surround yourself with people who appreciate you and build you up. Even one friend who does this can do so much. Just don’t let that ego boost go to your head!

4.) Relax.

You aren’t going to get very far if you don’t relax. Make yourself a cup of tea. Exercise. Meditate. Take a walk somewhere nice. I personally like this stress relieving yoga sequence. The key point is to relax and not stress yourself out.

Palm Tree

5.) Be open with yourself and others.

Know what you want, accept this, and don’t try to hide this from people. While it can be nerve-wracking to let others into your head, you won’t get very far if you don’t. How can you succeed at your desires if you don’t let other people know what you want and who you are?

6.) Read an inspirational article or listen to a confidence boosting song.

As simple as it sounds, sometimes a single article, quote, or song can be all it takes to give you a burst of motivation. When I was a kid, I would play the theme to Rocky in my head. Surely the tune Rocky Balboa trained to would give me the ability to do anything, right?

7.) Do something nice for yourself.

Reward yourself. When you’re making considerable progress, give yourself a reward. Take yourself out shopping. Buy yourself a nice meal. Go out to a movie. Do something you love. Make your hard work feel worth it.

8.) Do.

Your dream? That thing you wrote down awhile back? Do it. You’ve garnered up some confidence. Now do it. While this can be discouraging at first, you soon have something to be proud of. That outfit you’re scared of wearing? Wearing it won’t be as scary when you start receiving compliments. Zip-lining? You might just want to do it again afterwards.

9.) Success.

I was once told that all I needed to learn something was a victory. I needed one victory to know that I could do it. When you start to act on your dreams, don’t judge yourself off of the big picture. Set starting goals. Reach them and be proud of them. Sometimes one success is all it takes to feel confident. Sometimes it takes more.

It’s like when I created Style Me Gone. The thought made me sick, but when I conquered each little step I felt better–setting up the header and design, creating the first post, starting up the social media accounts, etc. Each little success helps.

Get out there. Be rewarded. Be confident.

What are your dreams and aspirations? Do you intend to go after them? Let me know in the comments below!

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5 Responses to 9 Confidence Tips to Help You Succeed

  1. Appreciation for oneself makes you appreciate everything else in life, too. And relaxation is sooo important for us, our health, and bodies. I’m working towards ensuring I take two vacations a year starting this year. Time off truly is a beautiful (and much needed) thing.

    • kelseygulick says:

      Oh, it truly is. I don’t usually give myself enough time off and it’s really hit me lately just how much I need it. I try to give myself at least a few minutes of personal, me-time each day now. Whether it’s done with reading, art, watching a TV show, or simply laying in bed.

  2. I enjoyed reading your post! Great tips!

  3. Rebecca Mae says:

    Very inspirational! I’m so guilty of being nasty to myself and falling into the ‘you could never do it’ trap. This post is a nice boost x

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