Blue Sequins

Blue Sequins Full

I was given this sequined tank top from Rue21 awhile back and I’ve always loved it. It’s not the most photogenic, as it reflects the light right back at the lens, but it has always reminded me of a starry night the way that the blue is so deep up at the top and gradually comes into a scattered silver.

Blue Sequins Fierce

I chose to pair it with my black button up shirt with the more gothic, poofy sleeves. I mentally called the outfit the gothic disco ball when I first wore it for this reason.

As for my face here, my sisters and I were joking about “fierce” model looks. I’m neither a model nor fierce, so this was the most I could do. Still working on teaching my sisters not to cut off random parts of my hands or feet.

Blue Sequins Up Close

They insisted on some close ups. I’m not sure how this really shows off the outfit, but I’m in love with how much they have learned.

Blue Sequins

I really, really love this outfit. I never thought I would be a sequins kind of girl, but perhaps I’m a bit bolder than I thought. I might not break this out again till fall, though. It’s starting to get hot here in Florida and the black was suffocating me. Farewell winter!

Blue Sequins Drawing

I’ve also been practicing fashion design lately. I decided it might be fun to draw some of the outfits I wear and include them. They aren’t perfect by any means, but I’m hoping to improve this.

As for the outfit itself:
Tank Top: Rue 21 (can’t find exact shirt)
Shirt: Charlotte Russe (can’t find exact shirt)
Jeans: Red Camel (similar)
Boots: Candies

How bold do you go with your clothes? Ever tried sequins? Tell me in the comments below!

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8 Responses to Blue Sequins

  1. Cute outfit!! I personally do SOME bold colors in the summer-time, but during the winter months I stick to the basic colors (black/grays etc.) I have a cute gray sequin cami that I wear under a black long sleeved shirt sometimes to work. 🙂

    • kelseygulick says:

      Oh, I love pulling out all of the blacks and grays in the winter months. Darker colors are some of my favorites to wear, even though I’m pretty pale in the winter. I was told I looked like a vampire once. Oh well.

      I definitely love getting colorful in the summer. Tie dye is my favorite method there. I’ve been wearing that a lot lately too.

      I’ll bet that outfit is so cute! All I currently have with sequins is this, but I could see myself branching out to some other colors (*cough*gray*cough*).

  2. saraloui says:

    Great post!, i was wondering if you could check out my blog,

  3. The sequins top is the cutest thing!! So glamorous and I love how it makes me think of a starry night! I would so wear that. xD And I don’t know how I missed that you were into fashion blogging now! O.o But I just found your Instagram and so now I’m probably gonna spam you with tons of likes and comments. Haha. Anyway it looks awesome girlie! (And we need to catch up sometime sooooon!)

    • kelseygulick says:

      Oh, you didn’t miss anything. I wasn’t going to make it public to people I know for a few more months. Glad you like it! I never thought that I would be one to wear sequins, but it was given to me once, so I decided to wear it around the house one day. I do agree that it looks like a starry night! That’s the biggest reason behind my liking it.

      (We do need to catch up soon! I need to stop falling asleep at night and get on Facebook!)

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