Future Souls by Uh Huh Her Review

Future Souls

Artist: Uh Huh Her
Album: Future Souls
Genre: Electro-pop

I love Uh Huh Her so much. I randomly found them with their song, Black and Blue, last year. Since then, I’ve come to love all of their albums. When they released their new single, Innocence (in teenage terms, it’s totally ASDFGHJKL), earlier this year, I knew that I would adore Future Souls just as much.

My Opinion

Words cannot express how much I love this album and how much I’ve listened to it since it came out a few weeks ago. As far as I’m concerned? I may as well have known these songs for ages.

Innocence is still probably my favorite on the album. It’s packed with emotion, feelings, and reality in a dreamlike state. What I love about Uh Huh Her is just how real the lyrics are while being a far away fantasy with the electronic/techno sound. All of the songs just have this surreal calmness about them. Innocence wraps up all of the things I like about Uh Huh Her’s sound and delivers it in a package of some of their most realistic lyrics yet.

It’s really hard for me to pick exact favorites off of the album, though. All the same, some of the ones I find stuck in my head the most are Interconnect, Strange Design, It’s Chemical, and Bullet. Which my exact second favorite is depends on my mood. Today, I’d say that second favorite is Strange Design. It’s utterly beautiful.

Favorite Lyric

I hate being limited to a single favorite. I’m picking one from Innocence since I’ve labeled that my favorite on the album. Picking a single lyric for this was hard. But I feel as though this one explains the song the best.

We'll Do It Right This Time Around

My calligraphy pretty much sucks right now, but I like the idea of doing the lyrics this way instead of slapping font on a photo in PicMonkey. I’ve been meaning to learn calligraphy for a long time now, anyways.

Back on topic, if you’re interested in buying or checking them out, you can find Uh Huh Her on YouTube and buy Future Souls on Amazon for $8.99.

What have you been listening to lately? Let me know in the comments below!

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2 Responses to Future Souls by Uh Huh Her Review

  1. Been a fan of these 2 seen day one, all their albums are amazing, can\t pick any fave songs because i have so many, if you get a chance to see them live do!, They are well worth it live

    • kelseygulick says:

      I definitely want to see them live! Oh, I know, it’s just about impossible to pick a favorite song with them. I was having some serious trouble not writing about all of their albums.

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