Get What You Came For by Vanity Theft Review

Get What You Came For

Artist: Vanity Theft
Album: Get What You Came For
Genre: Indie/Alternative Rock
Label: Adamant Records

I can’t remember how I came about finding Vanity Theft. Not that it matters much. I have an appreciation for female rockers and if the beat is good? Chances are I’ll headbang along. Get What You Came For is one such album. It has one of those awesome, distorted sounds to it. Full of girl angst and power, Vanity Theft has created an album that’s great for the warpath. Or proclaiming girl power. Your choice.

My Opinion

All I can say? I’m shocked that Vanity Theft only has about 500 followers on Spotify. Despite the distortion used in many songs, they have talent. The songs are all powerful, full of angst, and have this slight techno or electronic sound that really takes things up to the next level.

The first song I heard by Vanity Theft was Limb From Limb. This is probably my favorite song on Get What You Came For. It sums up the power contained in the album and just how confident they are. My next three favorites are probably Rattle Rattle, Bit by Bit, and Anatomy. While I do happen to like many quiet songs, what I really love about Vanity Theft is the beat and power they have in the majority of their songs. I feel like all of these songs are great songs if it’s what you’re looking for.

And the album art? I love the duality in it. I can flip it over and it looks pretty similar to what it looks like right-side-up. The psychedelic, mirrored look is definitely appreciated by me.

Favorite Lyric

I never feel like favorite lyric is the right term for this section. Basically, this is one lyric from Limb From Limb that I feel really sums up the angst in the song and the album.

Limb From Limb

My calligraphy/typography still sucks. I should probably do my next ones digitally, but I feel much more in control when I’m using pen and paper.

As for the lyric itself, I think it does make a good point. If you give up, you only get what comes of giving up. Nada. Okay, sometimes you get better or worse than nada, but. Either way, fun lyric.

Interested in checking them out? You can find Vanity Theft on YouTube and/or buy Get What You Came For on Amazon for $8.99.

What angsty, powerful music do you like to rock out to? Let me know down in the comments below!

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2 Responses to Get What You Came For by Vanity Theft Review

  1. Jess Fencer says:

    I love your blog! Especially your music reviews! We seem to have a common taste in music and I really found some new artists to listen to 🙂 Very curious about your next recommendations
    Love xx

    • kelseygulick says:

      I always love finding people with similar music taste! Thanks! I’m very excited to see what stuff you end up posting on your blog! It looks like it’ll be very interesting!

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