Timothy’s Pomegranate Blood Orange Tea Review

Timothy's Pomegranate Blood Orange Tin

I was given this tea as a gift awhile back. Anyone who knows me well knows that I love specialty teas. Sadly, some of them don’t really impress me. This was not the case with Timothy’s Pomegranate Blood Orange Tea.

I live in Florida, so I’m around a lot of citrus. Before I moved to the city, I lived on 2 acres of land that we filled with fruit trees–the majority of which were citrus. Because of this, I really love citrus. It’s one of those things that just takes me back to the days of key lime and kumquat pies.

Timothy's Pomegranate Blood Orange Tea Bag

Timothy’s takes the sweetness of blood oranges and infuses it into this lovely tea. It doesn’t taste as citrusy as a Lady Grey or an Earl Grey tea, but it’s sweet, rich, and produces a lovely smell. Besides, I just love the tin it comes in.

Timothy's Pomegranate Blood Orange Tea

It has a beautiful color too. I love that about black teas. There are so many different shades of color it can have. Timothy’s Pomegranate Blood Orange Tea has a beautiful, darkish honey brown color that I adore. And don’t you just love my owl mug?

Timothy's Tea and Owl Mug

This is definitely one of the best teas that I’ve had this year and I recommend this to anyone who is looking for a sweeter black tea that isn’t too strong or weak.

Interested in buying? You can find Timothy’s Tea on Amazon.

What have you been drinking lately? Have you tried Timothy’s before?

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2 Responses to Timothy’s Pomegranate Blood Orange Tea Review

  1. Rebecca Mae says:

    I don’t drink much speciality tea, just a green tea every now and then but I must admit that this sounds lovely! Your owl mug is cute also :’) x

  2. kelseygulick says:

    I don’t usually get much specialty because of how expensive it can get, but I do enjoy having it around every once in awhile. And thanks! It’s harder to drink out of, but it’s definitely my favorite mug. I mostly just like to look at how pretty it is. . .

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