Multicolored Chevron Print Dress

Chevron Dress Close Up

I was a bit slow to jump onto the chevron bandwagon. Don’t get me wrong–I adore simple print styles like stripes, polka dots, and, of course, the chevron pattern. I just get turned off of things that I see overly promoted. However, this didn’t last long because chevron patterns are just too cute to be ignored.

Chevron Dress Close Up Looking Down

I am absolutely in love with this multicolored chevron print dress that I found on a sale rack in my local Rue21. It’s versatile, dark, cool, and utterly adorable. I’m not so sure that I pull off wearing leggings with it as much as I thought I did at the time, though this is just because I’m short. My sister bought the same dress in a different color scheme and it looks ah-mazing with leggings. Her legs are long enough for it. #shortpeopleproblems

Chevron Dress Full Angle

I’ve been working on reorganizing my jewelry (but not getting very far) this spring, so I didn’t wear much with this, but it’s a pattern that works really well with nice, simple jewelry. I stuck to some thin, simple silver and black colored bangles.

Chevron Dress Full Leaning

My chevron collection has slowly gotten larger lately and I don’t think it’s a trend that I’m going to disregard any longer.

No artwork this time because my drawing tablet is acting up.

As for the outfit itself:
Dress: Rue21 (Similar long sleeve
Similar long sleeve)
Leggings: Rue21 (Similar)
Boots: Candie’s

What do you think of the chevron pattern? Do you have a favorite way to wear it? Let me know in the comments below!

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4 Responses to Multicolored Chevron Print Dress

  1. alexnguyen says:

    You’re totally pulling off the chevron!
    -Alex of

  2. Ah I love your hair girl, wish mine was that long!

    Your rocking this dress 🙂
    Kelly from | Daydreams & Daisychains

    • kelseygulick says:

      Thanks! I actually just cut it today after growing it out for about five years. It’s a really fun hairstyle that gets a lot of comments. It takes time, but you could totally go for it!

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