The White Apple by Of Verona Review

The White Apple

Artist: Of Verona
Album: The White Apple
Genre: Alternative/Indie

I found Of Verona a long time ago, but lately I’ve really been obsessing over their sound. The White Apple has this creepy sound that reminds me of operatic or gothic rock, but not quite. The songs are so beautiful and on the edge between fantasy and reality.

My Opinion

Of Verona has a style I find similar to MS MR, but with less of a horror theme to the lyrics. The words are full of fantastical ideas with a tinge of surreal reality. The offworld sound is just so beautiful mixed with the lyrics and the beautiful vocals. I love the variety of instruments in the songs too. I’m positive that I’ve heard an organ in the mix.

Not to mention the creativity. Half the reason I love operatic and gothic rock is because of all of the creative words and originality in creating the music. The White Apple isn’t all just your usual humdrum of music. It’s all interesting and not a one of the songs on the album have disappointed me. Some of my absolute favorites are Dark In My Imagination, Paint The Picture, Raining, We Are Not Alone Here, and Take Me. Five favorites because I couldn’t decide on less.

Not to mention the album art. . . Honestly, the album art of The White Apple is what first caught my attention and brought me to listen to Of Verona. It was just so clean and eerily interesting. It really gives a picture into their sound. I think they have a really clear, clean sound to them (also reminiscent of most operatic rock) with surreal lyrics. Besides, what isn’t interesting about a white apple floating over a pale hand?

Favorite Lyric

Paint The Pictures Of Verona

Photo taken by David DeHetre

There are so, so, so many lyrics I could put down as a favorite from this album (I mean, I couldn’t narrow down five favorite songs), but I love stars so I just went with this one. It’s from Paint The Pictures, which might just be the one I like most at the moment (easily tied with Raining).

Interested in checking the lovelies out? You can find Of Verona on YouTube and/or buy The White Apple (Deluxe Edition) on Amazon for $9.49.

What have you been listening to lately? Let me know in the comments below!

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2 Responses to The White Apple by Of Verona Review

  1. Debonita @elegantlyfashionable says:

    I am going to check out the album after reading your review. Thanks for the great post x

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