ROSAvelt + Giveaway (ROSAvelt Tote Bag)

ROSAvelt Online + Giveaway

For those of you who don’t know me very well yet, I am a complete Twitter addict. I am constantly finding new bloggers, bands, authors, and fresh, unique companies on there all of the time. I’m proud to say that ROSAvelt limited edition clothing is one of the latter.

I got into contact with them, and they agreed to let me giveaway one of their tote bags (two different styles to choose from). I don’t know about you, but I’m constantly needing bags like these to carry to the beach or the pool and there have been so many days that I struggle to find a good, working bag for the purpose. You can find this giveaway and all the fun ways to enter down at the bottom of this post.

ROSAvelt ToteROSAvelt Backpack

One thing I absolutely ADORE about ROSAvelt is their vintage flair. While some of their clothes do strike me as modern, there are many other items that feel authentically vintage to me. In particular, I love their dresses.

ROSAvelt Vintage Gold Leaf Baroque Dress
ROSAvelt Lemon Yellow Embroidered Chiffon DressROSAvelt Paisley Printed Blue Structured Tulip Dress

ROSAvelt’s Vintage Gold Leaf Baroque Dress is so simple and pretty. It masters the whole vintage vibe. Actually, it reminds me of one of my mom’s old tablecloths, but in a good way. It just strikes me as capturing the vintage spirit, which makes tablecloth actually kind of classy in this case.

ROSAvelt’s Paisley Printed Blue Structured Tulip Dress is adorable and is similar in essence to the Vintage Gold Leaf Baroque Dress. While this really isn’t my favorite shape for a dress, I think this looks really cute (always helps to have a model wear it first, right?).

But my absolute favorite of the dresses wold be ROSAvelt’s Lemon Yellow Embroidered Chiffon Dress (also available in red). It’s so simple and elegant. Yellow is usually a color that I abhor wearing, but this dress is so pleasant. It makes me think of a tea party, really. While the red version of the dress would probably suit my complexion better, I really adore the lemon yellow version and will probably fawn over how it looks on anyone that suits it better than I would.

ROSAvelt also has other pieces that I find adorable that really catch the whole vintage vibe. Two I particularly like outside of the dresses department are their Neon Pink Embroidered Peplum Top and their Geometric Velour Skirt.

ROSAvelt Neon Pink Embroidered Peplum TopROSAvelt Geometric Velour Skirt

I’m usually not into neon pink either, but talk about the 70’s look here! I absolutely love it!

The only products that ROSAvelt has that I’m not very fond of are their trousers. I’m more of a denim and skinny jeans type girl when it comes to pants. However, their trousers are really trendy and I believe that many people will fall in love with them (and look fabulous).

I really recommend checking out ROSAvelt if you’re into the vintage style. And if they don’t cater to what you’re looking for quite yet, definitely keep an eye on them.

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3 Responses to ROSAvelt + Giveaway (ROSAvelt Tote Bag)

  1. Joni says:

    Those dresses are amazing!

  2. Amy says:

    The first two dress are gorgeous, really unique!

    Amy at Amy & More

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