Skeleton by The Good Natured Review

Skeleton The Good Natured Review

Artist: The Good Natured
Album: Skeleton
Genre: Synthpop
Label: Regal Recordings and Parlophone

Haven’t heard of The Good Natured? There may be a reason. While this album is still under The Good Natured title, The Good Natured has changed their name to Lovestarrs. Same, awesome band all the same. However, Skeleton was the album that made me fall in love with their sound.

My Opinion

The Good Natured is amazing. I mean, I already have a thing for synthpop, but their lyrics really fit the genre. When I first heard Your Body Is A Machine (definitely my favorite on the album) I fell head over heels. Sarah McIntosh’s voice is so otherwordly and emotional as she drops each syllable.

While the entire album is great, Your Body Is A Machine is the song I keep going back to. But if I have to pick some other specifics, I would pick Wolves and The Hourglass. Wolves? Just that intro. . . While it’s seemingly simple, it really excites me and the first time I heard it I braced myself for the awesome that was sure to come. What can I say? Sometimes just the intro to a song is all you need to hear to know that you’re going to love it.

The album art is odd and kind of that strange, Tumblr-hipster kind of style. In a way it’s really fitting of the band and their enticing oddness. I mean, hello, she’s in a tub full of. . .milk?. . .fully clothed. Not to mention the whole punk look. But all of the clashing information is somewhat attractive in a way.

Favorite Lyric

your body is a machine the good natured lyrics

As is probably obvious, this is from Your Body Is a Machine. Favorite song gets the favorite lyric, no?

Interesting in checking out or buying this album? You can find The Good Natured on Youtube and/or buy Skeleton on Amazon for $5.99.

Have you ever heard of The Good Natured or Lovestarrs? What have you been listening to lately? Let me know in the comments below!

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