Why You Should Be A Picky Blogger

Why You Should Be A Picky Blogger

A lot has happened since I started Style Me Gone back in March. As some of you already know, I also blog over at Verbosity Book Reviews and have for nearly two years now. I thought that starting Style Me Gone would be a cinch. I had so much interaction on Verbosity. I knew what I liked to write on there and I usually knew how my audience would respond to it.

Basically, I knew what my “brand” was. Interesting words we use in the blogosphere, no?

But things were different when I started blogging here on Style Me Gone. I knew I wanted to blog about fashion and music. Later I included tea. But when I started out I felt like such a fake. I felt like I didn’t belong and that I was just writing a bunch of hullabaloo (then we have the interesting words that Kelsey uses) mush that I didn’t care about and no one else did either.

It’s taken me roughly six months, but I finally feel like I know what I’m doing and I know what my place is here in the world of fashion and music blogging. And I’ve really come to believe that to be a blogger, you have to be picky. Write about what you want. Don’t just copy everything else you see in your niche.

Be picky about what you write

Really, learn from my mistake. Write about what makes you happy. At the end of the day? It matters more that you love what you’re writing than what everyone else does. Once you find your place and what you want to do, the people who are genuinely interested in what you’re writing will come.

Don’t do it just because everyone else is

Remember that old saying, “Would you jump off of a cliff if your friends did?” Blogging is like that. Write for you. Not just what everyone else is doing. Sure, it may seem popular, but it definitely isn’t unique.

Personally, I kind of roll my eyes when I see the same exact posts everywhere. My favorite bloggers are the ones that I can distinguish from the other bloggers. Be yourself. I’ll remember your name. Some bloggers in the fashion world that really have stood out to me are Toshiko from It’s Not Her It’s Me, Haley from Tea Party Beauty and Corinne from Skinnedcartree. When I go on their blogs, I know that they’ve got what they want to blog about figured out. It shows and their content is some of the best I’ve seen since I started fashion blogging.

Don’t take every opportunity you get/see

It’s really tempting to. It’s really, really tempting to. Believe me. The idea that somebody actually might want to work with me or that I could send my information to a company that is looking for fashion bloggers is seriously tempting. And I’m not saying you should never take an opportunity. Just be picky about what you request or agree to. I mean, is it something you really want to do? Does it suit you? Would you even LIKE the product? Would you be happy promoting it?

Be yourself

It can be hard. But be real. Be you. It’s so much more fun to blog where you can be open and yourself. It can be a difficult start sometimes, but I feel so much better being me. I had a really hard time actually making myself post my first photoshoot BLOOPERS post, but when I actually started working on it? It made me really, really excited to share with everyone. I got such a laugh with my sisters looking through the failed photos, and I thought it would be fun to share.

It’s been one of my favorite posts yet.

All I can say? Be yourself. It’s actually made me want to blog again. I really struggled over the summer because being fake just lacked the enjoyment and excitement blogging had always given me before.

Have you ever struggled with not being yourself while blogging? How do you stay true to who you are? Let me know in the comments below, I’d love to hear!

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3 Responses to Why You Should Be A Picky Blogger

  1. Thanks for the mention! I always think a blog is a work in progress, I went through a few phases of trying different things, some were highly influenced by others, then over the past few months I’ve started to feel a lot more comfortable and feel like I’m starting to ‘get it’ and feel a lot more at ease being myself. I now talk on my blog as if I was talking to a friend and I’ve let go of that overly formal tone I once had! I still see it as a work in progress and I don’t feel like I have it all figured out, but if it looks like I have, I guess I’m doing something right πŸ™‚

    Corinne x

    • kelseygulick says:

      You definitely are! I’m trying to do that a bit more with Style Me Gone. Talking as though I’m talking to a friend, that is. What I love so much about book blogging is that I’m close to my audience and I’m friends with them. Talking to them like a friend was really easy. Going into fashion blogging was more like jumping into a pool full of ice water. But I think I’m finally getting comfortable and being me.

      Blogging is definitely a perpetual work in progress, though!

  2. Great post Kelsey! I love how professional your blogs have become. You’re a blogging inspiration! πŸ™‚

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