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6 Ways to Look Fresh for Class

It’s that dreaded time of the semester where we have successfully made it to the halfway mark of our classes, but the energy to continue is depleting fast. Instead of sleeping in an extra five *cough*twenty*cough* minutes, here are six … Continue reading

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Why You Should Be A Picky Blogger

A lot has happened since I started Style Me Gone back in March. As some of you already know, I also blog over at Verbosity Book Reviews and have for nearly two years now. I thought that starting Style Me … Continue reading

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Black on Denim OOTD BLOOPERS

Truth be told, fashion bloggers (or at least I) don’t roll out of bed looking fabulous. Same goes when it comes to pictures. As I am not an expert at posing and my sisters have not yet mastered using my … Continue reading

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Black on Denim OOTD

Black is my all-time go to color. I love it and it’s so easy to throw together. Denim goes with it so perfectly, making it really versatile between casual and dressy-casual. Dressy casual was what I was going for this … Continue reading

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Foy by JellyPop Shoes Review

About a month or so ago, I was looking for some new black heels and came across a brand I hadn’t seen before. I had kind of given up on buying a pair that day when some brightly patterned sole … Continue reading

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The White Apple by Of Verona Review

Artist: Of Verona Album: The White Apple Genre: Alternative/Indie I found Of Verona a long time ago, but lately I’ve really been obsessing over their sound. The White Apple has this creepy sound that reminds me of operatic or gothic … Continue reading

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6 Ways to Happily Dress for Success

Over the years I have received comments from multiple people asking me why I dress the way I do. Apparently it is strange for a teenager in the middle of the Florida summer to be dressed up in something fancier … Continue reading

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Multicolored Chevron Print Dress

I was a bit slow to jump onto the chevron bandwagon. Don’t get me wrong–I adore simple print styles like stripes, polka dots, and, of course, the chevron pattern. I just get turned off of things that I see overly … Continue reading

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Blue Sequins

I was given this sequined tank top from Rue21 awhile back and I’ve always loved it. It’s not the most photogenic, as it reflects the light right back at the lens, but it has always reminded me of a starry … Continue reading

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Spring Skirts – Floral Print and Classic Blue

Spring has sprung! To celebrate, I broke out my new daisy tanktop from Rue21 and my blue skirt. But even though it’s warmed up here in Florida, there is still a bit of a chill in the mornings that made … Continue reading

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