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Kelsey Gulick Freelance

Blogging Gigs

If you’re looking for a freelance blogger or a guest poster to write creative, well thought through and researched posts, you’ve come to the right place. With over two years of blogging and writing experience, I’m well suited to create fun, entertaining posts for all of your needs. If desired, I also offer post promotion, social media promotion, and assistance with email checking/replying/forwarding. I believe in creating community and interaction through sharing helpful and entertaining information. My experience is mostly in fashion, books (writing, publishing, reading), and music.

Benefits of having a freelance blogger work for your company:

  • Keep up with your competitors. Most companies are creating blogs to further spread their outreach.
  • Increased SEO.
  • Create content that not only promotes your product but helps a community of readers.
  • Get more interactive with your current and prospective customers by helping them out. You pat their back, they pat yours.

Benefits of featuring a guest blogger on your blog:

  • Increased publicity–guest bloggers generally market the post (and thus your blog) to their own readers.
  • Increased SEO.
  • New, fresh information on your blog.
  • You receive posts that you can schedule for days that you aren’t posting. More posts? More views.

Social Media Gigs

I also work as a social media manager. I believe in creating an interactive and helpful community by keeping up communication with current customers/readers and reaching out to possible future customers/readers. I believe that by creating a happy fan-base that a company or blog can communicate with and aid benefits both it’s subscribers and itself.

Benefits of hiring a freelance social media manager:

  • Fresh content gets sent to page subscribers.
  • Content that is more interactive than spam.
  • A more interactive community of followers.
  • Shows that you are still an active player in the game which is more than can be said for competitors that appear inactive. Have you ever seen some generally inactive company social media pages? I’m not fond of them either.

Ready to work with me?

Are you PR or a musician? Head over to my PR/Advertising page to contact me.


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